Relevant Information

Sailing Instructions


This is a sanctioned Essex County PHRF Association counter regatta for Lake St. Clair and ECPHRF boat of the year.

South Port Sailing Club invites all sailboats to to participate in our

47th Harvest Moon Regatta

Saturday September 17th, 2016

Notice of Race


The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

The Sailing Instructions are available now.

These documents or any changes to this document will be made available either in the clubhouse or the SPSC web site. The official notice board is in the SPSC clubhouse enclosed porch.


Boats must carry proof of insurance.

PHRF Time-on-Time

Like last year's Harvest Moon, this Essex County PHRF Association counter event will be use of time-on-time handicapping.

Corrected Time ∝ Elapsed Time ÷ (PHRF Handicap + 557s/mi.)

The 557s/mi. offset to get a time-on-time divisor (cf. B factor) is the same as that used by DRYA and its member clubs and by South Port for the Thursday-night and Open Series.

Racing for the following classes:
Classes to Race PHRF Splits Class Flag & Backstay Pennant Warning no Earlier Than
JOG White 1310
PHRF C 197– Blue 1315
PHRF B 146–196 Green 1330
PHRF A –145 Yellow 1345
All competitors must fly the appropriate class pennant from their backstay.

Eligibility, Entry and Fees

South Port Sailing Club invites all sailboats to to participate in our 47th Annual Harvest Moon Regatta in JOG and PHRF handicapped classes.

Boats may enter by completing the online registration form. The required fee is $35.00 in advance or $40.00 on the day of the event — it may be delivered to the SPSC office. No registrations will be taken after 1000 on the day of the event.

Schedule of Events
Friday Evening
1800 Registration ($35) and welcoming committee for visiting boats
1941 Sunset
0713 Sunrise
1000 Deadline for late registration ($40)
1309 Attention multiple-blast horn signal
1310 First warning signal — multiples of 5 minutes between starts
~~ Chili and beer will be available as boats arrive; however ...
1800 Nominal dinner time for members and guests who choose not to race, and ...
~~ First finishers start pulling in to harbour
1939 Sunset
2022 A waning gibbous but still impressive moonrise
2042 Nautical twilight ends
~~ Final finishers breeze their way in under a bright moon


The diagrammes in the Harvest Moon 2016 map above show all four of the available triangular courses. The longest is 22.0 nautical miles, the shortest 8.2 nautical miles. See the Sailing Instructions for details.


Awards will be SPSC Harvest Moon Regatta Flags 1st, 2nd and 3rd in PHRF A, B ,C & JOG, as well as the Best Corrected, First to Finish and First Shark to Finish (within PHRF C start) Trophies.


Please visit our navigation page for directions by both land and sea.


Beer and chili are free of charge to racers. Others attending the party can buy food tickets for $10 singly or $15 for two.

Overnight Docking

Overnight docking is available in both wells and rafting on the outside walls.