2016 SPSC Pursuit Race

Friday July 1st in the Afternoon

Relevant Information

Sailing Instructions


Notice of Race

Venue & Organizing Authority

South Port Sailing Club
210 Brighton Road
Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 2L3
(519) 979 SPSC

SPSC Racing Director ..... Darcy Fuller

Series Organizers ..... Kelly Johnson & Wesley Arthur

Friday, July 1st

Registration Deadline
Skippers' Meeting
First Warning Signal


This series will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

The owner of each participating yacht is required to maintain liability insurance.

Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions are available either in the clubhouse or downloadable from this web site. Any changes to the Notice of Race will be incorporated into this online version and posted as a notice to competitors..

The official notice board is in the clubhouse's enclosed porch. Notices will be mirrored on the web site within 24 hours of being posted. Should any notices be posted on the day of the event there shall be a concerted effort to post online simultaneously.


The race is open to any boat with a PHRF rating. There will be a single combined class for PHRF and JOG boats alike. There is no entry fee for club members. For visitors the entry fee is $10.

Please fill in the online entry form as early as possible. The registration deadline is 1300 on the day of the race.

Time-on-Distance Pursuit Race

This is a pursuit race. Each boat will have a start time dependent on its PHRF handicap. Boats will place in their order of finishing.

Registration & the Skippers' Meeting

The Race Committee will choose the course to sail and, from this and the list of registered boats, compute each competitor's start time before the Skippers' Meeting. Please register online early to save the RC the rush of last minute calculations.



Racing Area

The race will start and finish at SPSC mark 4. Shipping channel mark R6 is a red nun buoy. Peche Island outer shoal mark DP7 is a green light buoy.


Prizes are SPSC Pursuit Race flags in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

After Race Activities

BBQ Hotdogs
$2 each
Bonfire, Sailing Tales, and Marshmallow Roasting
weather permitting
Awards Presentation