SPSC 2016 Spring & Fall Thursday-Night Series

Thursday (Practice May 12th) May 19th thru June 30th
Thursday (Practice Aug. 4th) Aug. 11th thru Sept. 22nd

Notice of Race (for print)

Venue & Organizing Authority

South Port Sailing Club
210 Brighton Road
Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 2L3
(519) 979 SPSC

SPSC Racing Director & Series Chairman ..... Darcy Fuller

2016 Series Calendar

2016 weekday series calendar
Practice Race
Thursday May 12th
Spring Series
next 7 consecutive Thursdays
Practice Race
Thursday August 4th
Fall Series
next 7 consecutive Thursdays

Only the Spring and Fall Series are covered in this Notice of Race. Both series will be scored separately and then combined to score the Club Series Championship.


These series will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions and any additional documents are available either in the clubhouse or downloadable from this web site. Any changes to the Notice of Race will be incorporated into this online version and posted as a notice to competitors..

The official notice board is in the clubhouse's enclosed porch. Notices will be mirrored on the web site within 24 hours of being posted.

Classes to Race

Races will be sailed according to Essex County PHRF Rules except that there are no minimum crew limits.


There will be a single JOG class.


The PHRF class may be divided into PHRF A, B & C. The RC will post a notice of splits before the first race.

Class Flag & Pennant
JOG White
PHRF AYellow

Class Flags

Class pennants are to be flown from the backstay.

Time-on-Time Handicapping

Corrected times will be calculated using time-on-time handicapping

Corrected Time ∝ Elapsed Time ÷ (PHRF Handicap + 557s/mi.)


Please complete the online registration form as early as possible.

Start Times

The first warning signal will be at 1845.

Racing Area



course octagon

The racing area shall be centred at Mark O, 1.45 miles due magnetic north from outside the Pike Creek channel on Lake St. Clair. Marks are 0.675 nautical miles from the centre mark and arrayed in a regular octagon with mark 8 pinned to magnetic north (using magnetic variation of 7.66ºW).

Marks are white can buoys --- even numbered can buoys have an orange top.


Courses will be modified olympic.

course diagramme

Participation Requirements

In any South Port Sailing Club event in 2016, boats must come out to at least half of the completed races in a series or regatta to be eligible for an award.

Within each class, the Club Series Championship sums the results of the Spring and Fall Thursday-Night series. To be eligible for this award a boat must be


Prizes Awarded Participants in Division
1st3 or more
1st & 2nd5 or more
1st, 2nd & 3rd7 or more

Spring and Fall Thursday-Night Series Flags, Club Series Championship Flags and Perpetual Trophies will be awarded in each class. They will be presented at the Awards Banquet.