SPSC 2024 Thursday-Night Spring, Summer and Fall Series

Practice Race: May 9th Practice,
Spring Series: Thursday May 16th through Jun. 27th,
Summer Series: Thursday July 4th through Aug. 22nd &
Fall Series: Thursday Aug. 29th through Oct. 10th

Notice of Race Excerpts (complete NoR for print )

Venue & Organizing Authority

South Port Sailing Club
210 Brighton Road
Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 2L3
(519) 979 SPSC

SPSC Racing Director & Event Organizer ..... John Marentette

Excerpts from the NoR: 1. Rules

1.1 The event will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

1.2 The SPSC Members Code of Conduct and Safe Sport Policy apply — see the SPSC By-Laws Handbook.

Excerpts from the NoR: 2. Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions  and any additional documents are available either on the official notice board or downloadable from the web site. Any changes to the Notice of Race will be incorporated into the online version and posted as a notice to competitors..

The official notice board is located in the clubhouse's enclosed porch. Notices will be mirrored on the web site within 24 hours of being posted.

Excerpts from the NoR: 3. Communication

3.1 On the water, the race committee may make courtesy broadcasts to competitors on VHF CH69.

Excerpts from the NoR: 4. Eligibility and Entry

4.1 The event is open to all boats of the JOG, Shark and PHRF classes.

4.2 In the PHRF and JOG classes, Essex County PHRF Association Rules are in effect, except that there are no minimum crew requirements. In the Shark class, a current valid measurement certificate or rating certificate is not required. This changes rule RRS 78.1.

4.3 Boats may enter the event by registering online at www.southportsailingclub.com.

4.4 Once registered in a certain class, boats are expected to compete in that class for the entire season. If a change is required, a special request is required to the Race Chair.

Excerpts from the NoR: 5. Fees

5.1 There will be no fee for the 2024 series for members of SPSC. Non-members are welcome to race for a nominal fee of $20/series

Excerpts from the NoR: 6. Venue


Note - REVISED FROM 2023

6.1 The racing area shall be centered at mark S (the start mark), approximately 0.85 nautical mile 30° magnetic from the end of the Pike Creek Channel on Lake St. Clair. Marks 1-8 will form an octagon, with each mark placed 0.65 nautical miles radially from mark S.

course octagon

Excerpts from the NoR: 7. Courses

7.1 PHRF and JOG classes will sail a Modified Olympic course while the Shark class will sail a Windward / Leeward. PHRF and JOG classes will sail a Modified Olympic course while the Shark class will sail a Windward / Leeward. See Sailing Instructions for details.

Excerpts from the NoR: 8. Scoring

8.1 For Spring & Fall Series - a boat’s score shall be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score. For Summer Series – when all races in the series have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst two scores. When fewer than 8 races have been completed, a boats series score will be the total of her race scores, excluding her worst score.

8.2 Rule A5.3 will apply. Only boats that compete in at least one race in the series will be counted when calculating DNC scores.

8.3 8.3 Only boats that compete in at least half of all completed races in the series will be eligible for an award.

8.4 Boat owners will be assigned nights for RC duty. When on RC duty, the boat will receive scoring per Rule A9(a).

Excerpts from the NoR: 9. Prizes

9.1 Prizes will be awarded for each class. The number of prizes awarded awarded will depend on the number of entries.

Flags Awarded Number of Eligible Entries
1st1 – 3
1st & 2nd4 – 6
1st, 2nd & 3rd7 or more

9.2 The Club Championships for each class, will be awarded to the boats with the best total score in each class, over the 3 series. Rule A8 applies for ties.

9.3 Spinnaker boats competing in these races qualify for the Harold Asselstine Memorial Trophy. The Harold Asselstine Memorial Trophy document details how the trophy is awarded.

9.4 All prizes will be presented at the Awards Banquet.

Excerpts from the NoR: 10. Insurance

10.1 Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a recommended minimum coverage of $300,000 per incident.

Post-Race Activities

Competitors are welcomed to the SPSC Clubhouse after the racing, for fellowship, and presentations by the winning skippers & crew on “How they did it”.

Further Information

For further information please contact the SPSC race director (spsc.racing.director@gmail.com)