Racing 2024 — Notice to Competitors — Thursday Series SI Revision May 27

Changes to Sailing Instructions: Thursday-Night Spring, Summer & Fall Series

Posted As of Thursday May 29th

Summary of Changes to the Sailing Instructions

Changes to SI 7 THE COURSES
SI 7.2a Changed Table
There is now a course table for the PHRF/JOG class in which the final leg, shown in the last row of the table, finishes at S.
New PHRF/JOG Course Diagramme
Changes to SI 10 THE FINISH
SI 10.1 Changed Finish Mark for PHRF/JOG
The finish mark is now the "S" mark.

Incidental Changes

Note that the length of the PHRF/JOG course goes from 6.39 to 5.75 nautical miles. This effect time-on-distance handicapping and the new defaults shown on the scratch sheets have been altered to match.

The RC Duty Guide has been updated to match the new sailing instructions. Please throw any old copies with the 1.3 nutical mile final leg away.