50th Annual Harvest Moon Regatta

This is a sanctioned Essex County PHRF Association counter regatta for Lake St. Clair and ECPHRF boat of the year.

South Port Sailing Club invites all sailboats to to participate

Saturday September 14th, 2019

Schedule of Events
Friday Evening
1800 Collection for registration ($30) and welcoming committee for visiting boats
1945 Sunset and end of early registration period
2047 Nautical twilight ends
0710 Sunrise
1200 Dry sail crane becomes available for visiting boats
1300 Collection for late registration begins ($40) — boats should already be registered online
1400 All dry sail boats must be launched and …
Deadline for late registration ($40) — boats must be registered online
1500 Skippers' meeting — class splits announced and posted after meeting
1624 Attention multiple-blast horn signal
1625 First warning signal
1943 Sunset
2023 Harvest moon rises at bearing 96°
2045 Nautical twilight ends
~~ Chili and beer will be available as boats arrive; however …
2100 Nominal dinner time for members and guests who choose not to race, and …
~~ First finishers start pulling in to harbour
~~ Final finishers breeze their way under a glorious full moon
Sunday Morning
0711 Sunrise before harvest moon sets
1000 Crane becomes available for dry sail haul-out
1200 Deadline for dry sail haul-out


Please visit our navigation page for directions by both land and sea.


Beer and chili are free of charge to racers. Others attending the party can buy food tickets for $10 singly or $15 for two.

Overnight Docking

Overnight docking is available in both wells and rafting on the outside walls.