2018 Sunday Fun Day Series

Sundays of May 20th, Jun 17th, Aug 12th & Sep 23rd

An irregular series of point-to-point splendours. As everyone knows, Sundays are for eking out the last hundredth of a knot of boat speed.

Notice of Race

Venue & Organizing Authority

South Port Sailing Club
210 Brighton Road
Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 2L3
(519) 979 SPSC

SPSC Racing Director & Series Chairman ..... Brian Dawes

The rest is pretty much made up as we go along.

2018 Sunday Fun Day Races

The Sunday Fun Day races are a loosely-bound set of point-to-point splendours. Each will be organized a few days prior to the race. Those registered may be contacted with the details as they become available. Sailing instructions, such as they are, will be very informal.