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SPSC Handicapping Analysis

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ECPA and SPSC — Fixed Time-on-Distance (ToD) and Time-on-Time (ToT) Handicapping

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Standard Time-on-Time Mapping: GPHSPSC = 750 + PHRFECPA

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This page shows hypothetical results for Monday races with fixed handicapping. The usual Monday results are based on a rolling time-on-time handicap — there are different possible choices for the fixed handicap. On this page, for the fixed handicap, we are using the Standard Handicap GPHSPSC which was derived at registration. The formula for this derivation from ECPA JOG ratings is shown at the top of the page. The Standard Handicap is a general purpose handicap and, as such, will be used for both time-on-ditance and time-on-time handicapping.

The formula for 2023 ensures that the ECPA JOG ratings shown on this page are correct depite the underlying rating having been discarded after calculating and storing the (possibly rounded) Standard Handicap. In previous years the inferred ECPA JOG rating is only approximate.

Also the 2023 formula yields a general purpose handicap which honours PHRF time-on-distance handicapping as-is and honours PHRF time-on-time handicapping with a TCF using a 750s/mi. B Factor suitable for a very light air lake.

The results from either the time-on-ditance or the time-on-time handicapping scheme should be very similar. Neither will be representative of results with rolling handicapping.

See the Current Monday Handicapping Synopsis.
Also see the Time-on-Distance versus Time-on-Time PHRF Handicapping on Lake St. Clair document for a general explanation of PHRF handicapping.