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Table headings for handicaps
Bf(short for Before)Rolling handicap before race for use in this race
Std(short for Standard)Initial seed and fixed standard handicap for normalization of imputed handicaps
Imp(short for Imputed)Imputed handicap of this race from elapsed time
Af(short for After)Rolling handicap after race for use in a subsequent race

The standard handicap seeds the rolling handicap for boats that have not raced before. The rolling handicap from before the race is used to compute corrected times. We use elapsed times to calculate handicaps for subsequent races. For a race, the imputed handicap would make all boats with meaningful elapsed times correct out as being tied and the geometric mean of all such imputed handicaps will be equal to the geometric mean of all the standard handicaps for the same boats.

The scoring system remembers seven previous imputed handicaps. After the race the eighth oldest imputed handicaps is forgotten and the newest remembered for up to seven subsequent races. The rolling handicap after the race uses this new list of imputed handicaps. It does so by sorting the imputed handicaps, throwing out the two extremes then taking the geometric mean of the middle five. See the 2023–2024 Handicapping Synopsis document for details of how initial handicaps are determined.