Racing 2023 — Notice to Competitors — Spring and Fall Series SI Revision # 1

Changes to Sailing Instructions: Thursday Spring & Fall Series

As of Thursday Jun 8th

Note that there is a new original for the Sailing Instructions. This new revision replaces the old instructions wholesale. You should print off the new revision and replace the old.

Summary of Changes

Formatting Changes
There have been changes to how the sailing instructions have been formatted; course tables and diagrammes have been moved inline with the relevant sailing instruction.
Textual changes are restricted to SI 7.
New Tables
There is now a course table for the Shark class.
New Diagrammes
Diagrammes have been updated to conform to modern conventions. There is not a continuous course curve, rather mark roundings are emphasized. Interior angles at roundings and leg lengths are still included.
SI 7.2a PHRF & JOG Course Final Sentence: New Restriction on Sailing Through the Start/Finish Line
In PHRF & JOG classes:
While racing the course, boats are only to pass through the Start/Finish line when they are starting or finishing.