Racing 2023 — Notice to Competitors — Redress Hearing

Fall Series Redress Hearing

for race 4 on Sept 7th in the JOG class

Date and Time of Hearing
After the race on Monday September 11th.
  • 44120 Whippet represented by Frank Edgley
  • 64065 Restless represented by Paul Bowsher
  • RC represented by Alex Baker
Protest Committee
  • John Marentette
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Darcy Fuller
  • Matt Draisey
Facts Found
  • Shark start and JOG warning occured at 18:35:00.
  • Postponement flag went up at 18:36:00 with 2 sounds signalled by the RC by hand. JOG class flag was removed.
  • Postponement flag came down at 18:39:00 with 1 sound signalled by the RC by hand.
  • JOG warning signal occured at 18:40:00.
  • 44120 Whippet, 64065 Restless and 198 Cagair crossed the starting line at their warning signal.
  • Competitor Skylark did respond properly to signals made.
  • Individual recall for the 3 boats was signalled at the JOG start and removed 4 minutes later. The 3 boats were scored OCS.
Conclusion & Rules
  • RRS 27.3 states that the RC can postpone for any reason before the start.
  • Subsequent JOG start happened according to RRS 26.
There was no improper action by the RC. Redress denied.