Racing 2018 — Notice to Competitors — SPSC 55th Annual Invitational Regatta NoR Changes

As of Jun 27th

Owing to the split in the Shark fleet it has been decided to amalgamate the Shark one-design class into the PHRF C division. All Sharks will have their registration changed to PHRF C, will appear on the PHRF C scratch sheet, should fly a PHRF C class pennant, will start in PHRF C and will be eligible for PHRF C prizes.

Any Shark that sails to CSCA rules and has no ECPA PHRF rating will compete in PHRF C with a one-design rating of 225s/mi.

All Sharks that conform to CSCA rules will also be scored, in parallel to PHRF C, as a one-design fleet — corrected times will not be used and points will be awarded based on place excluding other PHRF C boats — Shark prizes will be awarded on the total points in the one-design fleet. All Sharks will be assumed to conform to CSCA rules unless directed otherwise by the person-in-charge of the boat — please contact the RC directly to make such a declaration. However, if Shark competitors unanimously decide to waive certain CSCA rules that are allowed in PHRF without penalty then the RC will look the other way.

Also note that the scoring system is not designed for this. Sharks will be ranked by hand and results will be posted online when convenient for the organizers.