Racing 2016 — Notice to Competitors — The Hal Ebert Memorial

South-Western Ontario Shark Championships

The South Port Sailing Club will be hosting the Western-Ontario Shark Championships July 16th–17th. We are hoping that many of you will join us for this regatta. Please read the NOR.

Hal Ebert, a many time over Shark World Champion reigned from these parts. He passed away since the last time South Port hosted this event. He and Greg Cockburn on Eager for More won this regatta in 2013.

In Hal's honour, and with his wife Sandy's blessing, the Shark sailors at South Port have decided to name this regatta "The Hal Ebert Memorial South-Western Ontario Shark Championships". A trophy is being built for the winner of this regatta which incorporates a Shark half-model Hal won while sailing with Greg in Germany in 2013.